Dartington Church of England Primary School

 Main façade and Entrance

Location: Dartington, Devon
Completion: February 2010
Pupils (av.):  420
School type:  Primary + Nursery
School website:  http://www.dartington.devon.sch.uk/


Dartington Church of England Primary School and nursery has used modern construction methods and natural materials to create one of the first zero carbon primary schools in the UK. The school comprises of a series of clusters which have a structural frame of timber panels prefabricated in Switzerland. Recycled timber pulp provides the insulation and the buildings are clad in sweet chestnut from the UK. Therefore sustainably sourced wood has been used for most of the building fabric. The amount of concrete used has been significantly reduced through novel foundation techniques employed.

Various energy minimisation strategies have been employed including central roof-lights to maximise natural daylight in the classrooms. Photovoltaics and solar thermal have been installed for space and water heating. Rainwater is collected for toilet flushing.

The grounds have been landscaped to maximise interaction with the natural environment and includes Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and spaces to enhance learning.

Facts and Figures

Area of site
2.25 hectares


Gross floor area
1990 m2

Area of teaching spaces
1024 m2

% area of school grounds to be used by community
22 %

% area of school buildings to be used by community

Predicted water use                  
4.29 m3/pupil/year

WLGA - CLILC Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru / Welsh Assembly Government