Ynysowen Primary School

 Main façade and Entrance

Location: Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil
Completion: April 2010
Pupils (av.):  285
School type:  Primary + Nursery

School website:


A new single storey primary and nursery school built to replace the original Ynysowen school constructed in 1969 to house the survivors of the Aberfan disaster. The new school also incorporates the local nursery school and Mount Pleasant primary school.
The wing to the west houses the nursery and reception classes. The entrance and main hall are situated in the centre of the curved south façade and project above the rest of the building’s roofline.

The distinctive Glulam frames and responsibly sourced timber cladding are major design features and demonstrate the sustainable philosophy of the building. There are 17 classrooms, two halls, offices, and a community room, with security zoned for community use, out of school hours.

The naturally ventilated school has underfloor heating which is supplied by a ground source heat pump.

Facts and Figures

Area of site
2167 m2 /flat

Predicted electricity consumption 
43 kWh/m2

Predicted fossil fuel consumption
28 kWh/m2

Predicted renewable energy generation
17 kWh/m2

Predicted water use                  
2 m3/pupil/year

Predicted water use offset by rainwater    
84 %

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