Air Source Heat Pump

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Dartington Primary School
Dartington Primary School

Dartington Primary School,
Devon County Council

The location of the site made renewable energy from wind and water unfeasible, while ground conditions made the option of ground source heat pumps difficult.

Therefore Air Source Heat Pumps were installed to supply an underfloor heating system which is assisted by high-conductivity Knauf floorboarding. Four mini plant rooms were installed throughout the school as this is more efficient than one central one. The Air Source Heat Pumps provide about a third of the school’s heating energy.
Eco-canopy with air source heat pump.
Eco-canopy with air source heat pump.

Kings Langley School,
Hertfordshire County Council

A ‘Eco Canopy’ has been installed at Kings Langley School and includes a 5kW Air Source Heat Pump. It is linked to an under floor heating system. This model is particularly suitable for small projects such as the Eco-Canopy.
This heat pump has:

  • Maximum flow temperature of 60 ºC.
  • Working temperatures –20 to +30ºC.
The external plant of the centre's air source heat pump
The external plant of the centre's air source heat pump.

Barra Learning Centre,
Western Isles

Over £15,000 of funding from the Scottish Communities and Householders Renewables Initiative (SCHRI) was secured for the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump to provide heating and hot water for the 250m2 centre.

In comparison to an all-electric heating system, the Air Source Heat Pump has meant both lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions of approximately 41 tonne reduction over a 25 year lifespan.

Post school educational opportunities in Barra have increased significantly since the opening of the new learning centre which is part of Lews Castle College.

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