Ground Source Heat Pump

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One of GSHPs which controls all plant at Rhydyfelin Childrens Centre
One of GSHPs which controls all plant at Rhydyfelin Childrens Centre

Rhydyfelin Childrens Centre,
Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council

Eight boreholes have been drilled, each to a depth of 80m. These supply two 22kW GSHPs. Ground conditions are shale with high levels of water which result in good performance from the GSHP. Approximately 48% of the energy requirements of the building are provided from the GSHP.

All components of the plant are controlled from the GSHP which is designed with simplicity in mind. The GSHP is the main energy source for the underfloor heating throughout the school. The school feels that the system is a complete success.

Underfloor heating at Ynysowen Primary School (source:White Design)
Underfloor heating at Ynysowen Primary School (source:White Design)

Ynysowen Primary School,
Merthyr County Borough Council

The ground source heating system at Ynysowen Primary School includes fourteen boreholes and a total heat pump capacity of 74kW.  Annual carbon savings of four tonnes are anticipated.

Durable ground loops have a life-span of approximately 50 years. The ground source heat pump is linked to underfloor heating system.

GSHP control room
GSHP control room

Buntingsdale Infant School,

The ground source system feeds a 30kW (output) GSHP contained in a 3m x 2m plant room. The co-efficient of performance of the system is 3.5. 73,500kWh of heat are delivered from the heat pumps each year. The heat pump consumes 21,000kWh per year. This represents a saving equivalent to 5.4 tonnes CO2.

The total system cost was around £70,000, two thirds of which was grant funded. The system is saving the school approximately £200 per month during the heating season, which means the school and Local Authority will recover their investment (£25,000) within 25 years.

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