1960s Secondary School

The modelling of this type of building is based upon Cowbridge Secondary School, Vale of Glamorgan.

The image below is interactive.

Click on one, or a combination of the three possible renovation options along the top of the image. When the options are chosen they are highlighted in yellow, when they are not chosen they are black. You can turn any combination ‘on’ or ‘off’ by clicking on them.
This will then display, to the right, changes in heating demand and overheating as a result of your choices.

Heating demand refers to whether more or less energy is required to heat the building as a result of the change/s. If less heat is required energy bills will be reduced. The bigger the reduction in heating demand the less energy is being used.

Overheating refers to thermal comfort levels in the school being unacceptable (above 27˚C) for longer than one hour during an occupied period. The favourable option is to reduce overheating as much as possible. Most schools are susceptible to overheating due to high levels of occupancy and solar gain through windows.

Improve wall and roof insulation Install triple glazing Reduce window size Reduce draughts and improve ventilation
1960s secondary school

reduced heating demand

Heating demand

reduced overheating


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