Building Bulletin List (Sept 2010)

Building Bulletins are produced by the Department for Education and offer guidance on a range of subjects, from whole school design schedules to detailed engineering specifics. The following table includes a list of current Building Bulletins.

Building Bulletin No Name Status Date published
80 Science accommodation in secondary schools revised 2004
81 Design and Technology Accommodation in Secondary Schools revised 2004
82 Area Guidelines for Schools replaced by Building bulletin 98 1996
83 Schools' Environmental Assessment Methods in use 1996
84 School Boarding Accommodation in use 1997
85 School Grounds in use 1997
86 Music Accommodation in Secondary Schools in use 1997
87 Guidelines for Environmental Design in Schools 2nd edition (acoustic requirements are replaced by Building Bulletin 93) 2003
88 Fume Cupboards in Schools in use 1998
89 Art accommodation in secondary schools in use 1998
90 Lighting Design for Schools in use 1999
91 Access for Disabled People to School Buildings replaced by Building bulletin 102 1999
92 Modern Foreign Languages in use 2000
93 Acoustic Design of Schools in use 2004
94 Inclusive School Design - Accommodating Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Mainstream Schools replaced by Building bulletin 102 2003
95 SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE: Designs for Learning Communities in use 2002
96 Meeting the Educational Needs of Children and Young People in Hospital in use 2003
97  not available
98 Briefing Framework for Secondary School Projects Revision of BB82 2004
99 Briefing Framework for Primary School Projects 2nd Edition 2006
100 Design for fire safety in schools in use 2007
101 Ventilation of School Buildings in use 2006
102 Designing for disabled children and children with special educational needs in use 2008


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