Design Requirements

Comfortable thermal conditions for occupants and for maintaining the building fabric are necessary for a sustainable school. The required environmental conditions of all spaces should be clearly defined at the initial design stage in relation to the activities and contents of the space. Comfort also depends on clothing levels and activity, which within a school environment can be varied during the day especially in spaces that have more than one function.

Climate feature Range

Air temperature

19 to 23oC
Less than 27oC

Radiant temperature

Avoid excessive radiant asymmetry, that is, warm surfaces in summer and cool surfaces in winter.

Relative Humidity

40 to 70%

Air speed

Less than 0.2m/s
Greater than 0.2m/s for comfort cooling

Conditions for human comfort

What should I do?

Agree with all relevant stakeholders the required environmental conditions of all spaces.

WLGA - CLILC Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru / Welsh Assembly Government