Voltage optimisers

Voltage optimisation is a method of matching power demand efficiently to the needs of electrical equipment within a building. A voltage optimiser system constantly monitors the power that electrical equipment is using, and by stepping down the supply voltage to a lesser level appropriate to the equipment’s needs, energy savings can be achieved, together with reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions.

In the UK, the statutory supply band for electricity is 230V +10% to -6% (i.e. 216V to 253V), following European harmonisation in 1995. However, the average voltage supplied from the national grid is 242V. Forcing appliances to operate at this higher voltage leads to significantly higher energy consumption, increased heat losses and a reduced life span.

Using a voltage optimiser can result in up to 10-15% savings in energy consumption, although not in every case.

What should I do?

Consult with electrical engineers to maximise voltage optimisation.

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