Large biomass boiler
Large biomass boiler

Sawmill waste suitable for biomass boilers

The term ‘biomass’ refers to an energy resource derived from organic matter, including wood from forests, urban tree pruning or waste wood source, farmed coppices, or farm and factory waste.

Modern systems can be fed automatically from fuel hoppers which can be loaded through the use of augers, conveyors or walking floors. Electric firing and automatic de-ashing are also available. Systems are designed to burn smokelessly to comply with the Clean Air Act.

Wood chips or pellets are the two most common biomass boiler fuels. Pellets are denser than chips and have at least a 10% higher calorific value but are more expensive.

Biomass energy is considered zero carbon or carbon neutral due to the wood fuel being replaced by new growth therefore sequestrating the carbon emitted through combustion.

Significant space provision is required to store fuel and good road access is required for frequent deliveries of biomass. Delivery times should be carefully co-ordinated with school opening hours to ensure safety of pedestrians.

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What should I do?

Identify a local, reliable wood source in your area.

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