Even when a school is designed and constructed in a sustainable way, it is only a truly sustainable building if managed, operated and maintained in a sustainable way by all stakeholders.

A building’s energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, durability and resource efficiency are determined as much by its operation and maintenance as by its design. People are more than just objects within the built environment.

Therefore a school cannot be sustainable without the support of the people who use, maintain and pay for it. Therefore all stakeholder groups should be involved within the school design process to ensure commitment and responsibility to sustainability.

Regular building maintenance will help greatly to achieve a sustainable school over a long period of time. Investing a relatively small amount of time and money on regular inspections and repairs of items such as the building fabric, roof, plumbing, heating and cooling systems is more effective than undertaking major repair work or to replace items that deteriorated due to neglect.

What should I do?

All stakeholders should be involved throughout all stages of the process to ensure sustainable management, operation and maintenance.

WLGA - CLILC Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru / Welsh Assembly Government