Building measurement and monitoring


Physical attributes of the building should be measured and monitored. Measurements should be consistent to enable analysis and comparison over time. In a refurbishment project these should begin long before any works are undertake to enable before and after data to be collected. <

Sub-metering can assist with monitoring of energy consumption. It is important that sufficient data is available for managers to monitor consumption and compare with historical data. Sub-metering allows managers and users to establish major users and where possible alter operational procedures to minimise consumption.

Separate accessible energy sub-meters, can be provided for the following systems:

  • Space heating,
  • Hot water,
  • Cooling
  • Lighting,
  • Small Power,
  • Other major energy-consuming items.

Building Monitoring Services are being installed in schools to assist with control, testing and record keeping.

Technical measurements such as thermographic surveys and pressurisation tests can be undertaken on a seasonal basis which can be used to identify any heat loss and air leakage hotspots that are occurring.

Displaying information to stakeholders such as energy use and running costs via displays should be provided in a form that is accessible, attractive and clear. This should be in a frequently used space. An explanation of the meaning of the results should be provided with some comparison information to demonstrate the performance of the school overtime.

What should I do?

Agree a set of building measurements required and identify a consistent approach for data collection and storage.

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