Cycling and walking

Cycling and Walking

It is important to create safe, secure, direct and pleasant routes for pedestrians and cyclists to use, which will encourage more people to walk and cycle within the city. An attractive and safe public realm is essential for a sustainable urban transport system, and that in the long term contribute to better air quality, improved public health and more attractive school grounds, in contrast to a car dominated landscape.

Safe, secure and weather proof cycle storage facilities should be included. Showering and other equipment storage such as helmets and a change of clothing should also be provided for those that travel by bicycle as a further incentive.

Other people based initiatives can be set up which include walking buses. No direct infrastructure is required for this.

What should I do?

Facilities should be provided to encourage more cyclists.

WLGA - CLILC Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru / Welsh Assembly Government