Public Transport

School Bus

It may not always be possible for a school to be located within walking or cycling distance of all users. Frequent and efficient public transport should be provided during the main operating hours to reduce the dependency of users on cars. New schools should be built within or close to existing public transport corridors where possible or new or alternative routes should be planned alongside the development.

Public transport should be given priority on roads, with dedicated lanes and parking areas enabling public transport to move quickly especially during periods of peak demand and congestion. This will make public transport more attractive and reducing emissions caused by congestion.

Multi-modal opportunities should also be considered. For example, when parents walk children to school can they use public transport for onward journeys to main employment centres? reducing the need for car use.

Reducing levels of car parking at a school can act as an incentive to use public transport although on site safety for users should be a priority.

What should I do?

Access to efficient and safe public transport should be provided near to the school to make it more attractive than the car.

WLGA - CLILC Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru / Welsh Assembly Government